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Newtown Junior Classic 2022

Newtown Junior Classic Tennis Tournament 2022 Info

Tournament Director:  Brett Teolis (Brettbsc@gmail.com)

Tournament Dates:

Summer, 2022

Tournament Location

Treadwell Memorial Park


$$ per competitor.


U10 Coed – Age 10 and under

U12 Coed – Age 12 and under, female only

U14 Female – Age 14 and under, female only

U14 Male – Age 14 and under, male only

U18 Female – Age 18 and under, female only

U18 Male – Age 18 and under, male only


  • Participant and parent/guardian must be available for entire duration of tournament.
  • Participant must be a student aged 8 – 18 years old and may be from outside Newtown.
  • Match rules vary depending on age bracket.  Details will be supplied by Tournament Director.
  • Matches will not be cancelled or postponed due to temperature.
  • Registration fees are not refundable.
  • Be prepared to play multiple matches in the same day.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your match.  Arriving late can result in default.
  • Players call their own lines so please be honest.  If there is a dispute please respect the call.
  • Please be patient with tournament staff. Sometimes matches go long so players must be flexible.  Your match might not always start on time with limited court space.